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The desktop version of Mastodon has two different interfaces: a single column Twitter-style one, and a multicolumn Tweetdeck-style one.

✅ To switch between Mastodon's desktop interfaces, go to Preferences > Appearance > Enable Advanced Web Interface. Selecting it activates multicolumn, unselecting it activates single column.

Multicolumn lets you add lots of additional columns, which may be handy for desktops on very wide monitors.

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Radical terrorists.
Global Pandemic.
Mass uprising in the streets.

You. Need. Salesforce.

Back online and full ipv6 throughout the house and from the ISP

It's moronic that you have to setup Google minis one by one with Wifi settings if you changed the router. They're all in the same house, it should push the change to all.

Come on Best Buy! You've been open for 18 minutes and you are offering curbside pickup. Just get my router and bring it out to me my life is upended without it

I give up, I want to hire an electrician to install ethernet everywhere

Disabling logging on the means it survived a power pull tonight without any issue

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Come join a like minded community of Salesforce enthusiasts. What's your wildest story or biggest Salesforce victory? What was the most difficult Salesforce certification test? Share your tips and gripes with us ad-free on Mastodon the easy replacement for Twitter, Facebook and corporate social media.