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I just wanted to talk about Salesforce, not your problems.

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It's getting bad in America when the right wing users are deleting /lib

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Everyone likes to talk about - but no one is talking about Design Debt!

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Radical terrorists.
Global Pandemic.
Mass uprising in the streets.

You. Need. Salesforce.

The new top post on /r/salesforce is - "Coding With The Force New Salesforce Tutorial Series - Open Source MVP's - Tutorials on How to Use Free Open Source Libraries by the Creators Themselves! This week shows you how to use James Simone's Rollup Library which Allows you to Calculate Rollups on Lookup Relationships (and more) for Free!" - - This is an toot.

I realized now that I've never honestly wanted to sit down and program a damn thing.

The new top post on /r/salesforce is - "What's the breadcrumb type of thing that indicates opportunity stages in the salesforce lightning page called? can we create such things for custom object stages, how?" - - This is an toot.

@John Aannnnd..... *poooooof* :blobwizard:


Where did that come from? 😮

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