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I just wanted to talk about Salesforce, not your problems.

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It's getting bad in America when the right wing users are deleting /lib

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Everyone likes to talk about - but no one is talking about Design Debt!

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Radical terrorists.
Global Pandemic.
Mass uprising in the streets.

You. Need. Salesforce.

The new top post on /r/salesforce is - "Is there any way that the Amount field on the Opportunity can be editable even with related Products?" - - This is an toot.

The new top post on /r/nodered is - "Before I reinvent the wheel - Hue Smart Button - Cycle between single push button events and use built in long press detection" - - This is an toot.

I like all operating systems - do you know why? I like computers. It doesn't need to get more complicated than that.

PCIe RS-232 breakout card that operates at full 4.0 x16 bus speed to provide you 149,000 serial ports

I want an option in to bypass a security warning when the cert expired yesterday.

The new top post on /r/homeassistant is - "First half of my Prime Day haul arrived! Tomorrow the switches and outlets come in. 😁" - - This is an toot.

The new top post on /r/salesforce is - "What would you suggest I do to make me marketable to companies searching for admins? Any advice appreciated." - - This is an toot.

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