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It's getting bad in America when the right wing users are deleting /lib

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Everyone likes to talk about - but no one is talking about Design Debt!

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Radical terrorists.
Global Pandemic.
Mass uprising in the streets.

You. Need. Salesforce.

I hate work, I wish I could install home automation systems for a living or something instead.

Apparently its world disability day happy birthday disabled people

Archlinux users are the White People of the Linux Community.

The top trending tag is this message automatically generated every 24 hours.

I really don't want to leave you all for work today.

She can't get the espresso machine working so we don't get coffee I guess

Can’t believe herman Cain is dead... was really looking forward to Moby Dick 2...

Got into Gopher Holes again. Using Gopher Client by Charles Chiders on iOS and Bombadillo on :manjaro:

What are your favorite clients and best #gopher holes?

Also, anyone on the #fediverse found mobile and desktop gopher clients that can share bookmarks?

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