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I just realized I grew up to be an adult version of Ricky Stratton with all these electronics.

You're so vain, you probably think this toot is about you.

Please do not use Slack for your open-source project. For the minority of loudmouths demanding it, there are many others who will quietly just avoid the project.

I once quit a corporate job because I never got laid while I was working there.

*places this post in new tab*
"perhaps I will reply to this later"

Glad I got all this RAM, I need to keep all these tabs of non-commitment open.

Sending love and appreciation to everyone doing positive and constructive things out there in the fediverse.

I made it just past noon before I had too much today.

not gay as in happy, gay as in clinically depressed

Are we building this tomorrow?

GitHub - bricewalker/Hey-Jetson: Deep Learning based Automatic Speech Recognition with attention for the Nvidia Jetson.

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